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There are 33x Prospects Including 2x Secret Rare Prospects only available within the 1st Edition Base Set Box. In collaboration with PCA Cards, you'll have a chance at revealing 1 of 33 Gem Mint 10 Prospect Digital Card, giving you access to the 'Gem Mint 10 Creators Club'. You'll have the opportunity to create a new Prospect for our Booster Pack Expansion with a 1% royalty of all Booster Pack sales moving forward.

Only 250x 1st Edition Boxes Available with 5x BONUS Digital Cards (NFTs) airdropped to you. This includes shipping worldwide.

Order your 1st Edition Box today from $69.

What's In The Box? 31x Prospect Cards, 2x Secret Rare Prospect Cards, 25x Agenda Cards, 4x Meeting Cards, 145x Playing Deck (Resource & Action Cards), 1st Edition Players Guide, 1st Edition '250 Limited Edition' Stamped Box.


Quality Print

Each 1st Edition Box includes all Prospect, Agenda, Action & Resource Cards Along With A Complete Players Guide.

1/999 Limited Edition

The only way to access a 1st Edition stamped box is through this Pre-Order. There are only 999x boxes available.

Future Expansions

At WTD Cards we're actively building Expansion Booster Packs with new prospects and action cards.

Dan Heck Art

Each Prospects art is creatively hand drawn by @Dan Heck Art. There are 5x Secret Rare 1-Of-1 'Full Arts' To Reveal

Join The Community

Each purchase grants you access to the exclusive WTD Cards Discord with unique perks. Collect rare and unique combinations.

Gem Mint 10 Creators Club

By revealing a 1 of 33 Gem Mint 10 PCA Graded Prospect, you gain access to create your own Prospect & win royalties.

Join The Whitelist


You're In! Keep An Eye Out In Your Inbox

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Proudly Brought To You By WTD

For collaborations, wholesale accounts and all other enquiries,

feel free to reach out using the following details:


Discord: WTD Cards  /   Email:

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