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We've been obsessed with games since the youngest of ages. Whether that's Pokemon, DnD, Twilight Imperium, Terraforming Mars, Monopoly Deal, Poker right through to video game world of Grand Theft Auto, Mario Party, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy and even Microsoft Flight Simulator.


But to us, there's always been a gap when it comes to card games. They're either super complicated and geeky (high barrier to entry) or simply another 'luck of the draw' game (boring as it gets with no desire to play again & again...)


"We went to work 3 years ago designing a pop culture, parody rich, strategic trading card game with unlimited expansion & high collectability." - Steve Claydon - Creator of What's The Deal?


2022 has arrived, Web3 has taken off and we now have a full dev team actively building mobile applications with NFT utiliy. It's our vision to bring the best of both worlds together. Collectable, playable physical trading cards with digital off shoots in the Web3 & NFT Space.


This is the future of accessable Trading Card Games with both physical and Web3 applications. Bringing all gamers together is our aim.

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We're a unique bunch of 'out there' thinkers, creatives, game makers, coders, NFT geeks and smart contract writers all with one common passion. The love of games. Nothing is more fun than a whisky in hand, a game on the table and a bunch of mates together for a good time.


What's The Deal? started with an excel spreadsheet and a 3 hour delayed flight from Nelson, New Zealand to Brisbane, Australia. Some basic sketches on a couple napkins soon turned into prototype 1 (A Couple of IPA's helped along the creative process).


And boy were we lucky. Any game geeks out there will know that 'balancing' a game is a fine art. It's the difference between a decent game and a legendary one.

The victory points worked, the action cards made for some carnage and 'all player interest', the agenda cards with some 'bluff' voting added a whole new 'gamechanger' element and all the while it was simple. Pokemon battle styles with a hint of Monopoly Deal.


3 years later and1,000's of play tests/iterations we're now ready to launch phase 1 of the roadmap. The 1st Edition Base Set Box.



250x 1st Edition Base Set Boxes Will Be Available Exclusively Through The PCA x WTD Cards Collaboration.


Each 1st Edition Base Box of the What's The Deal Trading Card Game will grant you access to 5x Limited Edition Digital Cards (NFTs) with chances to win big prizes and perks!

Project Complete & Ready For Order!

2nd Edition.png


Upon initial 1st Edition Sale Completion. 33x Lucky Holders Will Have Access To The 'Gem Mint 10 Creators Club'. The Only Way To Get Access To This Club Is With A Gem Mint 10 (1 of 1) Prospect NFT Card.  This Gives You Access To Create Your Own Character In The Booster Pack Expansion Series. 1% Royalty Of All Booster Pack Sales Goes To Each GMT10 Unique Holder.

Project Has Started Q4 2022 - Launching Q1 2024

App Edition.png


Coinciding With The Edition 2 Launch and Booster Pack Expansion Series, WTD will launch Version 1 of the Mobile Game exclusively to the 1st Edition NFT Holders.

With Your Support, We Aim To Create The World's Most Playable Web3 Trading Card Game With In Game Currency, NFT Tokenised Unlocks and Perks Along With An NFT Marketplace.

Project Starts Q2 2024 - Globally


Starter Prospects


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