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1st EDITION BASE BOX (1 of 250)

Order a '1st Edition Base Set Box'  of the What's The Deal? Trading Card Game Including 2x Secret Rare Prospects (only available in 1st Edition) and receive 5x Limited Edition Digitial Cards (PCA Graded Prospect NFT's). Only 250x 1st Edition Boxes left with Digital Collectable cards available worldwide 🌎. These digital cards will be air-dropped to you with each being 'On Reveal' with some major prizes and perks to unlock!


Collect a Secret Rare (1 of 2) 'Beast Mode' Card and Win $2,000AUD! Collect a Secret Rare (1 of 33) 'Gem Mint 10 - Prospect' Card and gain access to the GMT10 Creators Club with opportunities to create future prospects and receive 1% royalties of all future 'Booster Pack' physical and digital sales.


All GMT10 Club Members Will Recieve a 1 of 1 PCA Slabbed Original (physical) to match their 1 of 1 NFT. This is the beginning of the What's The Deal? Revolution.



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