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  • When Will The NFT Drop Take Place? (UPDATE: Offer Closed!)
    We will be launching the PCA x WTD Cards NFT Collaboration on the 31st of August 2022. If you purchase a 1st Edition Box with the 5x Limited Edition Digital Card bundle, you'll receive 5x NFTs airdropped to you upon order completion. Follow the steps in the Discord.
  • What's In The Box?
    Each 1st Edition Base Box of the What's The Deal TCG contains: - 33x Prospect Cards (Including 2x Secret Rare Prospects - Jim Carefree and Pootin) - 25x Agenda Cards - 4x Meeting Cards - 145x Playing Deck (All Action Cards & Resource Cards) - 1st Edition Players Guide - 1st Edition Stamped Box (Only 999 Available Worldwide!)
  • How Do I Receive My Digital Cards?
    After you have completed your order of the 1st Edition Base Box + 5x Digital Cards bundle, set up your Metamask wallet at and then join the Discord. All of the steps are laid out simply in the Discord and you will receive your 5x Limited Edition Digital Cards via airdrop (whilst available!)
  • Will There Be Expansions?
    Yes! We are currently working on the Edition 2 'Booster Pack' expansion series, due to launch Q3 2023!
  • How Can I Guarantee I Get A 1st Edition Base Set Box?
    There is only 999x 1st Edition Base Boxes available globally! Order yours before they are all gone at
  • How Many 1st Edition Base Set Boxes Are There?
    There will only be 999x 1st Edition Base Set Boxes available globally with no second print runs with the 1st Edition Stamp. This truly is a once-off opportunity to own a piece of WTD history.
  • What Happens If I Pull A 'Beast Mode' Digital Card (NFT)?
    Congrats! 🎉 You just won a 1 of 2 'Beast Mode' NFT that grants you access to a $2,000 AUD cash prize! (Payable on completion of the 1st Edition sell out - meaning all NFTs are revealed)
  • What Happens If I Pull A 'Gem Mint 10' Digital Prospect Card (NFT)?
    Congrats! 🎉 You just won a 1 of 33 'Gem Mint 10 Prospect' NFT that grants you access to the 'Gem Mint 10 Creators Club'.
  • How Does The 'Gem Mint 10 Creators Club' Work?
    You can only get access to the 'GMT10 Creators Club' by holding a 1 of 33 Gem Mint 10 Prospect NFT. This gives you the opportunity to create a new prospect within the 'Booster Pack Expansion' Series.
  • Do I Get Royalties In The 'Gem Mint 10 Creators Club'?
    Yes! If you contribute a new Prospect idea that goes to NFT sales/print you will receive 1% royalties on all 'Booster Pack' sales both in digital and physical sales for each GMT10 Prospect NFT held.
  • When Will I Receive My 1st Edition Booster Box?
    The boxes have been printed and are now available for immediate shipping world wide! (While stocks last)
  • Have You Developed A Roadmap?
    Yes! If you visit you will see Edition 1, 2 and the app version of our high level roadmap. Upon joining the WTD Discord, you can view the complete roadmap.
  • How Do You Play What's The Deal?
    We've developed a comprehensive 'Players Guide' of What's The Deal? that you can view through the following link:
  • Do You Have Socials?
    Yep, you can follow the What's The Deal? chief creator, Steve Claydon, and stay up to date over at
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